Extract and download documents from The American Presidency Project

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If you use this add-on as part of your research, please cite the following reference:

Moncomble, F. (2024). APP Extractor (Version 0.7.2) [JavaScript]. Arras, France: Université d’Artois. Available from: https://fmoncomble.github.io/APP_extractor/ (First version 2023)


Firefox (recommended)


  • Download the zip package
  • Unzip the archive
  • Open the extension manager (chrome://extensions or edge://extensions)
    • Enable “Developer mode”
    • Click “Load unpacked” and load the unzipped folder


  • Navigate to The American Presidency Project and perform a search (simple or advanced)
  • At the top of the list of search results, choose the desired file format (.txt for simple text files or .xml) and click “Extract & Download”
  • A zip file called “Archive.zip” is downloaded, containing files with the full text of the documents listed in the search page
  • Unzip the archives. The texts are named YYYY-MM-DD_Author to allow for easy chronological sorting