(Version française)

An extension for extracting and downloading Social media posts for text mining and analysis.
This is a 4-in-1 bundle of BlueskyScraper, MastoScraper, RedditScraper and 𝕏-Scraper.

Cite this program

If you use this extension for your research, please reference it as follows:

Moncomble, F. (2024). SocialCorpusScraper (Version 0.2) [JavaScript]. Arras, France: Université d’Artois. Available at: https://fmoncomble.github.io/SocialCorpusScraper/



Firefox add-on


Remember to pin the add-on to the toolbar.

⚠️ If you have already installed one or more of the four modules, disable or uninstall them to avoid any conflict.

Instructions for use